I got a call from a customer who’s MQ pump was on the fritz, it wouldn’t shut off he said. I went over, and to make a long story short, he needed a new pump. I started searching on the web for walrus pumps and got the Walrus America Company website and there was a banner that read ” looking for American distributors.”  I thought to  myself this could be interesting so I emailed an inquiry. You see I’ve had a Walrus TQ800 in my house for two years.

It was two years ago in a rain storm my MQ pumps circuit board got fried, so I took my other MQ out of my house (yes I had two, one at my house and one at the rental) and  took the pump to the rental and installed it, to keep the renters happy. What a hero huh? sacrifice my convince for the renters. Anyway, that’s when I first found the Walrus pump. Two years ago I installed one in my house. Taking a chance on a no name brand, I only had the salesman word on, I thought why not? I needed a pump that didn’t require a pressure tank cause of limited space where the old MQ was. My storage room was already cramped with all the pool equipment I installed. I was hoping I found something reliable that I could use in the plumbing systems I install in my business. I believe I have.

The conversations I’ve had with the president of Walrus America convinced me that they are a solid company with integrity and are strong on customer support and that’s why I am now a distributor.