I’ve started up again on my beach house. What I mean by this is that my tenants have moved out so now I can finish what I started in 2007. I bought an ocean front lot in the Milolii Beach Lots Subdivision on the southern end on the Big Island of Hawaii back then. This 12050 sq. foot lot had a garage and a large concrete slab on it that I’ve been working on since I bought the place. The garage I added a full bathroom and kitchen with all county permits too! I’m trimming out the interior with base boards and touch up paint. This Saturday I’ll return to work on the shower damn that has some water damage, so I’ll have to tear out some tile and dry it out a bit and retile. I have to get a table a new bed sofa some chairs and cooking utensils and the interior will be done.
Then the yard is next!

My backyard never needs mowing

The shore is easy access from a 5 foot cliff. You just dive right in! Getting out is easy too cause there’s a ledge at water level that has foot holds under water tat you can easily step out of the water onto the ledge.

Heres a picture showing the house slab

Here’s the garage and you can see the existing slab and the old water tank. I plan on attaching this slab area to the garage with a breeze way.

before I started the remodel this is what I got

This is what I started with, a single car garage. I’ve since put in a full bath with kitchen and cleaned the place up. I got rid of the outhouse but I kept the little tree.

Here’s the beach house with the remodel 80% complete I’ve primed the exterior and have the batons on. You can see the rock wall that I extended to outline the property boundary. The new water tank is up too in the background. I took the old rusty tank home and made a shed out of it.

Here's the beach house primed and caulked

Today I’m back to the beach house to finish the baseboard in the bathroom and touch up the paint in the interior. Yesterday me and Tom made a stone foot wash with some stepping stones to get you back to the sidewalk. it was hot and the stones were heavy and I had to dig into the ground to get the stones recessed enough for stability and looks.  It was hard work but it looks great.

The last few days the vog has been  low so the air is clear making it  exceptionally beautiful days for the south Big Island. Clear deep blue skies and you can see far down the coast which isn’t always the case with the vog we get most of the time.

      Here’s the exterior wit the first coat of paint, it’s starting to look a lot better. I liked the faded paint look so much after the first coat that I left it like this. it has a rustic beach house look to it. Some friends liked it, but my wife and  in laws didn’t. Oh well maybe a second coat is needed.

I really gotta get the outside cleaned up cause I let it get outta control during the remodel and I’m almost finished inside so I’ll start the yard clean up soon.  The Christmas berry tree was the only plant on the lot so I decided to use it for shade. I’ve been training it with the trellis. The last tenants started a raised garden and left it so I might do something with it.

  Here’s what the interior looks like now. I have this amoire to hang clothes and there’s two shelves also.








This is the kitchen under construction with the bathroom door. There’s adequate counter top space with an apartment size fridge and 24″ gas stove with oven.

  The bathroom vanity fit perfectly in the corner of the small bathroom. I still have to install a shelf under the mirror and some towel racks.







  The last tenant had a really good deal on his rent and he needed a place to stay in short notice. I gave him the beach house even though there were a number of details unfinished such as the shower dam. He promised to finish a grout stip about an inch by 30 inhes on the shower dam, but never did. Eighteen months later he moves out and I find the tile swelled and cracked from moisture. Thanks alot the grout I shoulda done myself, didn’t relize at the time the guy was all mouth. This is a shot of the tile removed and the wood drying out. No damage. Wait till you see the tacky ummm I mean funky tile in the bathroom.

  King sze bed with book shelve head board that has doors with shelves inside the headboard. You can see the two drawers under the mattress and there’s two more on the other side. This is exactly what this beach house needed. More clothes storage space!